Epitaph Road

I recently read Epitaph Road, a book available at our Scholastic Book Fair, and I was so moved by some of the epitaphs that were included in the book that I wrote to the author.  That same week, he wrote me back!  This is what he said: 

ImageThanks for writing. You made my day! I’m glad you enjoyed EPITAPH ROAD, and I’m thrilled that you were moved by the epitaphs. They’re short, but they each took quite a bit of thought, so whenever anyone makes special note of them, I really appreciate it. Like you, I can’t imagine losing my spouse, and we’ve been married for 27 years!  By the way, my wife, who happens to be a junior high librarian, had to google you to see what school you’re at and take a look at your school website. We were impressed!
I hope your middle school kids like my site, and if they get a chance to read EPITAPH ROAD, I hope they enjoy it. 
Thanks again, and take care,
Dave Patneaude

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