YA Read: One Moment

I recently ordered One Moment, a new YA book that was recommended at a conference I went to.  The book is about a group of friends at the end of their junior year of high school.  They are gathered at their favorite spot at the lake, jumping off the cliff into the water below.  Just before she jumps, the main character, Maggie, notices a new bracelet tied around her boyfriend’s wrist.  Then something happens, and a moment later, Maggie is left at the top of the cliff and her boyfriend is lying in the water below, dead.  Maggie spends the rest of the summer trying to recover her memories from that one moment and figure out how Joey died.

I liked the book but I am not sure it is a middle school book.  Definitely some of our 8th graders are ready for it but for sure not my 6 and 7’s.  one moment


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