Teacher book club Part 2: Wonder

wonderI finally found a book that I want more teachers to read, so here comes part 2 of our teacher book club!  The book Wonder is a Virginia Reader’s Choice Award book for 2013, and it is a great story about a 5th grader named Auggie, who is going to public school for the first time in his life.  The reason Auggie is just now starting school is because he has some severe facial deformities that have caused him to have dozens of surgeries in his young life.  The book is told first from Auggie’s point of view, then his sister, then a friend, then his sister’s boyfriend.  I enjoyed the book and would like this year’s 8th graders to read it as a read aloud in English class (or at least start it) and then next year’s 8th grade and 7th grade as well.  There are so many topics to mine from these pages- bullying, accepting others, different learning styles, compassion, empathy.


One thought on “Teacher book club Part 2: Wonder

  1. Just ordered this book! Sounds like a good read that I am sure I will pass around to others to read as well. I let you know what I think when I am done with it 😀

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