When I Walk In the Library I Feel…..


“I feel relaxed. It’s so soothing and calm and I don’t feel stressed.”
“I feel free. I feel that I can choose any type of book(s) that best fits me/personality.”
“I feel like I have a million options to choose from.”
“I feel like the paths of my life splurge in every direction, and to be honest it’s overwhelming. But it’s extremely exciting. I can be anyone, maybe a broken girl with a need to find someone who will fix her, maybe a happy boy who has just made it into the huge football league. I love reading because I can live so many lives, just by reading a few books.”
“I feel like I’m entering an adventure place.”
“I feel calm. I feel calm because it’s so quiet. So when I get out from a noisy classroom into a library it feels good.”
“I feel like I just stepped into another world. A world where anything can happen with a turn of a page.”
“I feel weird and awkward.”
“I feel like I have freedom to pick any book I want to read.”
“I feel like I’m gonna die if I speak”.
“I feel like I’m into somebody’s mind and get to choose whose mind I want to read”.
“I feel like reading and I feel quiet”.
“I feel like there are adventures and mysteries around every corner waiting for me to discover them.”
“I feel interesting in everything I see.”
“I feel like I’m in a sea of print and paper, a maze of decisions.”
“I feel like there’s so many different books to choose from that I can’t even choose.”
“I feel like i have entered a portal center and each book takes me to a new and exciting dimension.”
“I feel awkward.”
“I feel happy that I have something to do, and talk to the librarians”.
“I feel board and not that exciting just to get a regular book.”
“I feel I can choose any book and pick the book that can take you into an adventure.”
“I feel like I’m in a palace of knowledge and silence”.
“I feel really really really really really really bored.”
“I feel like I’m in an all you can read buffet.”
“I feel warm, not because of the books, but because of the heater.”


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