Free Books!

I just went on a six week vacation, and how many books did I take with me? One! But I read right or nine books over the course of the trip. How did I manage that? I looked for places to swap books or purchase them at a steep discount along the way. I swapped one out at a library sale in New Hampshire, then saw another I really wanted for a quarter. So I bought that as well. Then in Maine, our campground had a book swap, so out with the two old ones and in with two new ones. Several of the Appalachian Trail hiker hostels we stayed at had book swap shelves, and so did one old German restaurant we went to in Canada. And, I had my Nook, so whenever I had wifi I would check to see if books I had requested from my public library were ready for download yet.
Next vacation is a cruise, so you can bet I’ll take along one or two “disposable” books, and my Nook as well, all loaded up with books!

Click here for more ideas on free ways to get books.


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