Book Page Wreath

This week I decided to make a book page wreath, to perk up the library and to use at my book club’s annual holiday book exchange. It has been a couple of years since I made the last one, but the steps are pretty simple.

  1. Look for a book in your discard pile- in this case, I found an Edgar Allan Poe anthology that was falling apart.  I decided to try steeping some of the page edges in tea, but I only steeped them for an hour or so, which wasn’t really enough.img_9563
  2. Roll or fold up about 75 cones of paper.  I tried to imagine them as the cones you might see at a county fair that would hold popcorn or peanuts. Staple them about one inch from the bottom. img_9564
  3. Trace a circle about 9″ in diameter, with a smaller circle about 7″ in diameter. I used a bowl I found in the staff lounge and used the upper edge and the lower base for my circles. You can use cardboard or foamboard. img_9565
  4. Start stapling the cones onto your circle. Do a whole outside edge, folding the tips towards the back, then do a whole ring inside those.img_9566
  5. Add a third, and then a fourth ring. I made four rings, just because I had enough cones already made.  I’ve seen book wreaths with anywhere from 3 layers to 7.img_95676. For the last layer, glue them in instead of stapling, so the staples wont’t show. I felt it needed a little pop of color, so I added a couple of ornaments:img_9577
  6. And that’s it, really! Now you have a wreath made out of a book that you were going to throw out anyway.

Enjoy the holiday season!


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