Two Librarians Saved Lives in School Shootings

This weekend, I read this story about two women whose lives had some odd coincidences. Friends for over 36 years, they both wound up becoming librarians. And they both wound up saving the lives of dozens of students during school shootings. Their story is amazing, and heartbreaking. Read about it here:

Two women met 36 years ago. One was a librarian at Sandy Hook. The other at Marjory Stoneman Douglas.



Diana Heneski, librarian at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Photo courtesy of Reuters.


National University Library, Ljubljana Slovenia

Like many of the buildings in Ljubljana, the national library was designed by Joze Pleznic, and he envisioned the outside windows to look like open books, while the inside would be like entering a temple of knowledge. The library is currently featuring an exhibit “The Black Art in Color: painted and printed images in Middle Ages Incunabula”. You can view several manuscripts from the 1400s, and then try your hand at your own drawing!

The exterior of the National Library 

Inside is like being in a Greek temple of knowledge

Oldest University in the World 

Today I walked around Bologna University, the oldest extant university in the world. Founded in 1088, famous scholars such as Petrarch, Dante Alighieri, Thomas Becket, Pope Alexander VI, Erasmus, Albrecht  Durer, Copernicus, and Marconi all studied there. I visited the library reading room and the Caronti card catalog, both amazing. 

Reading Room

Organized by subject bust

A page from the card catalog

Card catalog