The George Peabody Library


Yesterday I had to take the whole day off to have two doctor’s appointments that were spaced four hours apart (hilariously, at two different military bases), so I decided to fill the time in between by visiting the George Peabody Library in Maryland. Located in the Mount Vernon cultural district of Baltimore, the Peabody is part of the Johns Hopkins University.


I always love the old card catalogs




These books are really old!


Peabody gave $300,000 in 1857 to the citizens of Baltimore to create the first cultural center in the US, featuring a library, an art gallery, a music school, and cash prizes for the top graduates of the city’s three high schools. The library itself features over 300,000 volumes and is generally considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. The interior of the building features a black-and-white marble tiled atrium, while 60 feet above the floor is a frosted glass skylight. On all four sides, five levels of ornamented cast-iron balconies and gold columns hold the bookcases of the library’s collection. In the early 2000’s the entire building underwent a million dollar makeover. The results are stunning and if you’re ever in Baltimore, please do yourself a favor and visit the Peabody. The city of Baltimore, by the way, has a free “Charm City” circulator bus that will take you to all the area attractions.