Two Librarians Saved Lives in School Shootings

This weekend, I read this story about two women whose lives had some odd coincidences. Friends for over 36 years, they both wound up becoming librarians. And they both wound up saving the lives of dozens of students during school shootings. Their story is amazing, and heartbreaking. Read about it here:

Two women met 36 years ago. One was a librarian at Sandy Hook. The other at Marjory Stoneman Douglas.



Diana Heneski, librarian at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Photo courtesy of Reuters.


Crafting Again: Wine Cork Bookmarks

This time of year, I like to get crafty. Last year I made a book page wreath, but this year I had some corks that I wanted to utilize.  I decided to make wine cork bookmarks with some charms I had ordered a while back for another project. So I gathered up my supplies, and set to work. I started with my extra wine corks, and added a small eye-screw. Then, using nylon casting line, I looped it through the eye-screws, leaving about 10″ of double line dangling.

I added a few beads that I had from this package of onyx beads, left over from a previous crafting project (available at your local Michael’s or other craft store). Then I tied a charm on to the end of each thread. I added a drop of clear nail polish to keep the knot sealed, and when it dried, snipped off any excess thread.


Here is the finished product. To store them or transport them, I cut some notches into a piece of cardboard to hang my bookmarks on and then taped them down- because after I had made about 15 of them, I gathered them up to move them to another room and they instantaneously and magically tangled up. I was able to rescue about five of them, but wound up having to cut the knots on the rest and re-string. Luckily by this point I was getting pretty fast at making them, so they only take me about a minute for each one.



What NOT to do with your cork bookmarks.


So there you are! A fairly easy and inexpensive way to make some bookmarks for yourself and your friends, using wine corks and a few beading tools you may already have around the house if you’re a crafter. Enjoy!

*I still had a LOT of corks left over when I finished my bookmarks (perhaps I drink too much…??), so I also made this wine cork wreath. You can find directions for this one on Pinterest:


**Note: the product links on this page refer back to Amazon, and I get a commission if products are purchased from them. So far this has never actually happened, but I’m just giving an FYI here.

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